Saturday, January 16, 2016


I ventured outside for a walk today for the first time in over the week. I was feeling a bit closed in and the dogs were making me crazy. Plus I heard its supposed to get wicked cold again. No worries, today was beautiful. 

I left Mondavi-Mandy's puppies at home in Kiera's care and Connor and I went over to Nature Hill for a little run around the Hill.

I put a long lead on Mondavi-Mandy and we were off. The southern dogs really like the snow. They can run and not get hot. When we first started out I held the leash but after the first corner it was pretty clear she wasnt going to go anywhere except with the rest of the pack, so I dropped the leash. Besides, between Connor and I, we kept standing on it. 

Here are some quick pics of the crew. 

Mondavi-Mandy and crew have been here since Wednesday and I have to tell you that she is the sweetest dog and pretty sure she wont last long here. She is quite submissive but does enjoy a good counter surf. LOL. She is housetrained from what we can see but she's not a big fan of the cats. 

And those puppies?? YIKES. 

Such sweet boys. We're working on housetraining-ish but they are off to another foster tomorrow and hopefully, she can pick up from there. 

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