Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Long Hiatus

I havent updated this blog in four months. To the day. Four months. Bad Bad. 

We've had some changes here in that time. 

Checker, or Jack, as he sometimes gets called, is here yet. Waiting ever patiently for his furever home. He is the perfect little dog. He is housetrained, well behaved, plays nicely with other pooches at the dog park. He's perfect. He loves to be cuddled and loved. He sits right next to me all the time.

He is however, a little shy. well, he's a lot shy. He does great with Scott, with Kiera and with me. But Connor, well, they have a hate hate relationship. For those of you who are new, which after four months I'm sure is all of you, Connor is my 6'2" High School cat loving senior son. However, I really think that given the opportunity with a nice family who would love him, he will shine and his amazing, ridiculous personality will shine through. 

You can ask Lori, I've tried a million different times to get good pictures of this dog. He always always always looks pathetisad. But I promise, he's not. He's happy and loves to play with tennis balls and play race and chase and jump at the dog park.  Really.

Also at The Lodge we have Petunia, Tunie, Tutu. She is not quite a year old - I think she will be a year on January First!! She's a crazy crazy little dog. Very very busy and oh, so smart. She has oodles of energy and she's crazy. She loves the kids and loves us. She's wary of new dogs and can be snippy. I think she is just a little insecure but as she matures I'm sure she will grow out of it. She just needs some time. One of her best friends is Grace the Great Dane at the dog park.  In our best estimation, she is a doxie mixed with a black mouth cur. I have a couple pictures but I just wanted to get you guys back in the habit of reading again. 

As she is a doxie, she tends to be stubborn but she is so so loving. She is such a cuddly girl. She also enjoys chasing the kitties through the house and yes, even down the cathole to the basement. She is quite the handful. No, she's not quite housetrained and you've got to be vigilant with her and her steadfastly purposeful ways but what she'll give you in return is more than worth it! 

Be sure to check out Checkers Facebook Page at

Thank You for Thinking Rescue! Thank You for REading!!

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