Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Fosters at The Lodge

After a week with only Te'a and 'Nali here, I am back up to four dogs. Ok, well, more like three and a quarter dogs.

Just for the week, I have Seltzer who is an amazing little guy. I'm hoping to take him back to Gramma June tomorrow sometime. But in the meantime, he is an extreme pleasure to have here at The Lodge. He is an older gentleman of 10 years old but you'd never guess it. He runs around the dog park, yes, he does at least three laps daily at Nashotah Park and has a great time doing it. During the day he will sleep in the kennel with Checker, not because he has to but because he wants to. 

He is housetrained and probably only weighs about 8#. 

Checker is also here. He's a great guy too but he's a little on the shy side. He's rather nervous around Connor (who is now 6'2") but he'll be ok. He too loves the dog park and tears around like a crazy maniac. He's still a little shy if another dog comes to greet him but his defender, Seltzer, gets right in there and protects him. Checker sleeps in the kennel at night, sometimes alone, sometimes with Seltzer. He also stays in the kennel while we are at work and school but it's only for about six hours. He is about 90% housetrained but he's a bit of a chewer. So to protect him and my belongings, I keep him kennelled when we cant watch him.

They move fast at the dog park so its hard to get "good" pictures of them. 

So, here's what I took at the dog park this morning!


Ahh, a tired dog is a good dog.

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