Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Noogie Double Header

About 10 days ago two very special Fluffy Dogs found their furever families! Hooray! After that I was foster free for about a week or so. I'd like to say I was really busy which is why I didnt post Noogies for Mitch and Jude. Truth of the matter is ... I was really enjoying having only Te'a and Denali here. I spent time cleaning and all sorts of fun stuff!!

So... without further adieu ...

A Noogie for Mitchy - who moved to Illinois with his mom and dad. I've already seen tons of great pictures of him and they are soooo in love! But then, what's not to love??

A Noogie for Jude - Who is now "Murphy". He has moved a little east of Oconomowoc to Waukesha-ish. He has a furry sister named Lola and two human teenaged siblings. I've seen bunches of pictures of their family - everyone is sooo happy! They too are head over heels in love with our boy! But again, what's not to love??

Congratulations boys! I will miss your little faces but gosh, I'm glad you both finally found your furever homes!

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