Monday, March 16, 2015

Busy Place at The Lodge these days.

Things here at The Lodge have been pretty busy. See, after Mr. Ravenswood went home to live, a cute little Fluffy named Jude moved in. And then, a few days later, Miss Frannie moved in. 

So, here at The Lodge, I have Mitchy, Jude and Frannie.

First Mitch: Um. He's perfect. Absolutely perfect. He listens. He stays in the yard. He's housetrained. He's small enough to sleep on the bed (and does) but big enough to be described as a medium size dog. For those of you who remember the Video Game litter, of which my Denali is one part, he looks a lot like them. I cant even tell you how many people have asked if Mitchy and Denali are twins.  If you are a first time dog owner, Mitch is your guy. Really. His faults, he needs more leash work, but we're working on that too since the dog park is closed. 

Next Jude:  Jude is a young boy who thinks he's pretty awesome but when a larger dog tells him differently, he crumbles like a house of cards. He has great potential and he just needs an understanding hand to work with him. He is just a pup and needs frequent trips outside to re-enforce what he already knows about going not going potty in the house. He is wonderfully sweet and loves to cuddle. He's looking for someone to show him the way. If you have another dog who needs a buddy to play with, Jude would be your guy. In the mornings I walk him with Te'a or Denali (Mitchy is too crazy on the leash - I would wind up swearing the entire time). He feels secure when he walks with the bigger doggie and walks confidently with them. When I take him on our after work walks, it's just him and me. Tonight he was a little, ok, he was a lot nervous and was pretty unsure of his journey, even though it's the same one he does every morning, eleven hours previously. So, like I said, he may do better at home with another pup. 

Then Frannie - Frannie, or Annie as she's called here, is settling in to life with other dogs. I think at some point she lived in a house because she takes the stairs like a champ. When she first arrived she was pretty possessive of Kiera and me. She would growl and snarl and attack anybody who came near us when she was getting attention. We told her that was not acceptable and it's stopped. She was doing ok for a couple of days but then she got her heartworm treatment. Last Thursday and Friday I was home and tried to help her. She was in so much pain, she cried all day. It was heartbreaking really. She also was not a big fan of being close in a kennel. Though, tonight, as I look down the hall, she is laying in her kennel on her blankie. The door has been taken off and she's too big for the kennel she chose but it's what she likes. I trust her in the house to run free when I am not home. I've not had her on any walks as she has three more weeks til she's free to run again. She did enjoy the dog park the three (or was it only two) times she got to go. She does ride nicely in the car. I took her to Piggly Wiggly with me the other night. I figured she would like to get out in the world a bit since she can go for walks. She did enjoy sticking her head out of the window and letting the breeze blow back her softer than a bunny's hair!

That's our story. Things are crazy here. I have no pictures to speak of but I am hoping to work with a friend to take some glamour shots of the crew!  I will keep you posted. 

Thank you for thinking rescue. Thank You for Reading!

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Barbara S said...

Hi Michelle - My husband and I have had three Tibetan Terriers (Duncan lived to be 17 years old). Our Maddie died last fall of a heart based tumor at age 10 - too young and we miss her terribly. I found you on Fluffy Dog Rescue - do they adopt outside of your state? We live in Buffalo, NY. Barbara