Friday, March 20, 2015

Pictures - I've got pictures!!

I've been pretty busy between work and other miscellaneous mish mash around so I havent made the time to upload some pictures. This afternoon was bright and sunny so I took the pups outside one at a time and took some pictures!  

They were so hungry from their photoshoot I had to stop for dinner but then we went back outside and took some more with everybody!

So here we go from smallest to largest - Jude, Mitch and (Fr)Annie.

Jude likes like walks with a buddy but I'm sure in time he could be convinced to walk by himself. He is still a bit shy and needs some work on that. He also has some housetraining to work on but I'd say, all in all he is about 85% trained. He sleeps wherever he wants at night but while we are away, he is in the kennel. He gets along well with the big doggies and does not chase the cats. A good puppy but still rather "mouthy" and likes to chew chew chew. 

Mitch is the perfect dog. He is housetrained and good with everybody. He is friendly but can become overwhelmed with much larger dogs. He doesnt chase the cats, he sleeps where he wants (usually next to me) and he is kennelled while we are away.  He is a little bit higher energy pup and does need to run and romp at least twice a day or he gets naughty. He is quite acrobatic and loves to perform flying leaps as he pounces on the other dogs ... or a stick ... or ... air.

Frannie - Annie is a sweet sweet girl who needs just a tiny bit of work. Which is ok because we still have two weeks of heartworm treatment before we can even begin to think about adoption. She is rather protective of her food  with the other dogsbut even that is getting better. She is a sweet sweet sweet girl who is learning to live with other dogs and she's coming along nicely. She is aching to run but again, not for another two weeks. The day I took her to HAWS for her treatment everybody there said she looked like a Disney dog.  Then a couple of days later my neighbor said the same thing. She is housetrained and does fine with the cats - basically she ignores them.  She sleeps where she wants and she is free to roam the house during the day. She is a wonderful girl with a lot of love to give. Yes, her tail is docked and she loves to wag her little stubby tail. :)

Baha - silly Mitch and Nali!

Here's the deal friends, I love them - I truly do but I've be honest and say that a couple of pups need to go home because five dogs is a bit chaotic ... really. Especially since one of them is on "bed-rest" for two more weeks and everybody else, with the exception of Te'a is under two. Mitch is ready for his furever home - furver family are you?

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