Saturday, February 28, 2015

Grade Lodge Welcomes Ravenswood. Say Hello to this tall boy. Congratulations here's your Noogie

Big Dog Ravenswood - Raven - Ray, came to hang out at The Lodge last Saturday morning. I had kind of a busy week and didnt put any put any pictures of him on the blog. He is a sweet sweet gentle boy who took to life at The Lodge, complete with daily runs at the Dog Park, like a champ.

He's a very tall dog. He tried to eat the cheese off the table.

Sorry. Downward facing dog eating a treat.

So here it is Saturday early evening. Ravenswood - Grayson went home last night with his new mom to his furever home! Hooray!

She promises to find a dog park to let him run at but in the meantime, her backyard is fanced so he can run a little bit there!

Hooray for Raven!!

Here's your Noogie Buddy!!


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