Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dont tell my Groomer Friends!!

Ok, well, I guess you can tell them. Here's the deal...

Woofie Sadye has had two applications that have fallen through, she's currently enduring a month-long infirment at The Lodge because of her heartworms and subsequent treatment, she developed an abscess at one of  injection sites, Shaggy-George is going home next weekend, after his heartworm treatment and NOW, there's a new guy at The Lodge and he got to go to the dog park this morning.

Girl needs a trip to the salon. 


I dont want her stressed out. Dont get me wrong - I adore my groomer friends but Woofie Sadye is kind of in a fragile place right now and with that abscess on her hip, I'd just as soon let her rest here.

Just so you understand... The abscess is still in the relatively early stages and right now it is just a golf ball sized lump. It is not weepy or icky or leaky - its just a lump. I picked up some anti-b's to take care of it and before she's ready to be released from her heartworm downtime, she'll be good as new and ready to go home. This will be on the 19th for any interested party. 

So ... in the meantime.... She had gotten a haircut of sorts before she left Alabama and as hard as it is to believe, she's already been here nearly four weeks. I've trimmed up her body about two weeks ago and her face, just over the past couple of days looks so overgrown.  While she relaxed on her beddy, I trimmed one side of her face and beard and then I flipped her over and did the other.  

I always seem to miss a chunk or two - here and there but it's a learning process for everyone, right?

Here are some pictures of the crew here at The Lodge. 


Shaggy George - Sure wishes he could go to the dog park and run. Not yet buddy, not yet.

Woofie-Sadye - say "cheese or something...."

cheese... or something...

Why does she get that thing out all the time??

You can kind of see his Basset feet in this picture. Cutie.

I hate you flashy thing

No, really I hate you flashy thing

Why you hate?

She is just a beautiful color with curls, curls and more curls!

I am a ham.

Ham I am 

I have flirty flirty eyes - I am so cute

I am not cute - you cut my hair and I hate the flashy thing

Still me. Still cute

Caught him in mid shake - He looks ... wobbly

He likes to play with "babies"

Thank you for Thinking Rescue! Thank You for Reading!!

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