Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Haircut - Part Deux

So on Thursday, I trimmed Woofie-Sadye's head. It was too overgrown and I couldnt stand it.  Well, then, nobody else liked it because it looked like her head was too teeny for her body. 

Sooooo, this morning after Scott and I got back from the dog park with Mocha, Tea', Denali and Chance, I laid Woofie-Sadye on the floor and began to cut ... and cut.... and cut.

And then - I vacuumed.

Holy Cow! Um. If she doesnt get an application out of this haircut and go home before Christmas, i'll be surprised. 

Seriously, she is the perfect little dog. So sweet. A little submissive but I think she just needs a place of her own. She has a wonderful little personality and she is the sweetest little girl. Did I mention that already? Oh, I did. 

She can go home after the 18th. 

If you've been reading this blog, you read about the little bump on her hip which, thanks to modern medicine is now and even littler bump on her hip.

Ok, enough chit chat. 

You came to see her new cut.

She is sooooo cute.

Oh, Wait - Nali blinked.

Well, yeah, I left her tail long.

Just before the shutter clicked, Chancey was standing there looking at me so cute.

Still not a big fan of the cam.

Chancey - such a cute cute dog

She's SO CUTE.

Oh, rats - Just turn your head to the right

Still NOT a big fan of the FLASH

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