Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is here!

On this beautiful fall morning, I took my camera to the dog park under the guise of getting a few snaps of "The Twins" The Chocolate Boykin Spaniedors (Span ya dors) but as per usual I got a little distracted by ... the fog... the spiderwebs ... the leaves turning red and even a park bench. Sorry. I drink coffee for a reason.

As I was rounding the corner on my final lap, I noticed a familiar family. One that included one of Denali's brothers - Q-bert nka Bertie! Wahoo! You'll see his picture at the end!

But to tell you a little bit about Chianti Andi and Cabernet Belle...

They are coming along with their housetraining. It is a rather slow process, made slower by certain teenagers who would rather interact with electronics than take the dogs out to pee. However, being abandoned in their home and doing business where ever they choose, is a challenge that we are working with. They need to be taken out hourly, if not, on the half hour. 

They also need to learn manners. They like to counter surf and jump on people. Sometimes when I come home from work I feel like Moses parting the Red Sea. I hold my hands at a 45 degree angle about hip height and say, "no jump." Mostly it works. Again, it's a process.

They do ... ok on the leash. That could some work too. But they are young and they learn quickly. The thing I'm struggling with is that they dont do any business on their walks but rather wait and #2 in my living room when we get home. Aargh. Maybe I should scoop it up and "plant" it before our walk to give them a clue. Hmmm, that's not a bad idea. 

Against all that, they are two of the sweetest cuddliest pups you'd ever ever ever want to take home. This morning before Scott's alarm went off, one of them jumped on the bed and snuggled into my arms. She likes to flop down on me if I'm laying on my back which tips us over and we spoon. She spent a little time trying to get her head positioned juuuuuust right in my neck. She also likes to paw around and find your hands. Seriously sweet. 

Who was it? Dont know. Cabernet Belle tends to snuggle more with me but it could have been either of them. I can tell them apart by feel but I was too sleepy to care. 

Cabernet Belle has softer fur and smaller ears. She is also a shade lighter brown but you cant tell that in the dark. Chianti Andi has more Labby hair and larger ears. She is sleeker, less fluffy. 

Chianti Andi also has a higher prey drive than her sister. She likes to chase birds at the dog park and the cats in the house. Though neither of them can figure out why we have a "squirrel" on the dog bed. 

So here are my pictures. You'll get some cute dog pix as well as some lovely fall shots as well :)

Nali and Cabernet Belle - see the white paw?

Chianti Andi - see all brown feet

Cabernet Belle - more white and white feet

And pink collar

Chianti Andi - less white - green collar

Chianti - Andi

Truthfully, not sure who this is. Could be any of them. I warned you about the ADD and the fog.

This is Mocha's head!


Who is it?

This is the other one. 

Look close. You'll figure it out. 


Again, not sure which is which here. I think Cabernet Belle was closer to the gates.

This is Q-bert and Denali. He is in front; she is in back.


Handsome boy!

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Brenda said...

I love the pictures of the spiderwebs covered in dew.