Thursday, October 2, 2014

Somebody has an app

So a couple little birds mentioned to me that one of my Ch-Boykin Retrievers is going home. Not sure which one yet but one of them. 

In an effort to help the family decide... here are some notes about our Twins

Brown - haha - Cabernet has more white - see previous photos.
Want a snuggler? Pick one  -  either one. One of them, I think it was Cabernet slithered into bed with me at some unknown hour and spooned me. One of the cats was laying against hubby and Cabernet spooned her too. On the way to the dog park, Chianti crawled into hubby's lap on the way over and on the way back. I told him it was her way of saying thank you. 
High Energy - both require no fewer than two walks, if one is a run, a day. But I would say that Chianti is a notch more amped than Cabernet. Cabernet is a little mellower.
Sweet - Sweet sweet girls. You would be hard pressed to decide which one was sweeter. No, even I dont have a favorite.
Good with kids and other dogs: - Not much I can say about that. 
Walking on a leash - Ah, yeah, both could use work there. They arent bad, I just wouldnt plan on showing them around a ring anytime soon.

Coloring/Coat: Cabernet - Bella has more white - her chest, her paws and yes, even her chinny chin chin. Plus she has the teeniest little moustachio. Her coat is a little softer. Chianti-Andi's is a little sleeker, less fluffy. 
Prey drive - This is by no means a deal breaker buuuut Chianti Andi is more prone to leading the charge to chase the cats around The Lodge. Cabernet Bella will but only after her sister initiates it. Chianti also likes to chase the birds at the dog park. She also hunts more in the weeds and scrubby brush. 
Meal time: Cabernet is very noisy while I prepare her breakfast. She also inhales her food. I've tried to slow that down by flipping the bowl over and putting the food, with some water on the inside. 
Housetraining: I think that Cabernet is closer to being housetrained than Chianti but both are very smart and neither will take long. 

Good luck in your choice. Like I said, I cant pick a favorite. Both are awesome dogs, really. There are no negatives with either one of these great pups. They will require an active lifestyle. 

Hope this helps!

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