Friday, June 6, 2014

There's something wrong with Carey

No, maybe I should rephrase that. 

She's perfect. She's awesome.  She's gorgeous. I cant believe she's not got a home.

She's housetrained. She's (mostly) well mannered. She's good with cats. She's awesome with kids. Since she's getting regular heart pounding exercise, she's even better with dogs. She does GREAT at the dog park. She's wonderful with everyone. 

How could I say she's broken??

She doesnt like carrots. She doesnt like apples. She doesnt like chewies - even smeared with peanut butter. 


This morning she at least licked the peanut butter off the chewie but left it lay on the floor. 

I love a good challenge. 

Furever family if you're out there reading this, I'll try to get this fixed before she goes home. 

Wow. Doesnt like carrots. Who'd a thunk??

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