Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I've been horribly neglectful of my blog. I have two of the cutest foster dogs in the rescue and I've been keeping them all to myself. 

Over the weekend, we did a little visiting west of  The Lodge and ran into some old friends. You longtime readers may remember them....

Albert-Tiger - Stop with the pictures and lets go already!!

Wait - Who is this guy?

I know that dog

I definitely know that dog.

It is! It is!! It's Lucky Jim!! 

YUP!! It's me!!

I love frisbee!

Tiny Odessa loves the dog park too.

Making friends!

Doing what he loves best - Digging!!

And running

Ooh, David had treats!

Me too. Me too!

Who is this? Can you remember that far back??

This is Missy - now Ramona!!

Odessa meets Riley and Ramona

Back at The Lodge

Miss Odessa fits in well with the big doggies!



Look out big doggies! Rawr!

Wait - What??

I'm done with pictures!

Ok, maybe one more.

Wild Chihuahua at the dog park

Going off to explore


Please note: Tiny dog does not wear a jacket. She feels that the big doggies dont wear them - why should she??

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