Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog Update!!

Yeah, it's been just over two months since i last blogged about my foster dog, Albert. Soooo, where do I begin?

He is perfect in every way. He's house trained. He has nice manners. He is good with ALL other dogs. He is well behaved at the dog park. He loves fresh powder (but then, who doesnt??)  He's sweet. He's a mama's boy. He loves to cuddle. He's great with kids (over six please). He listens well. He's friendly. He rides well in the car - shotgun sometimes, I might add.

You may have read previous posts about his trip to the emergency vet for some quick surgery. That's true. Do I think he's learned his lesson not to eat stuff he cannot digest? Uh, no.

Have I learned to pay more attention to what he's chewing on? You bet!  

Here's the thing, as his mom, that's my job. I wouldnt let my 10 year old play with a cordless drill but I would let him work with a screwdriver, while I watched.

Last week Sunday, we took on another foster dog ( more on that in a second). Albert-Tiger hadnt eaten anything for a while, so naturally, I let my guard down a bit. Last Tuesday morning he vomited up some pieces of fabric from a toy I had made them at Christmas. Like many of us, I think Albert-Tiger is a stress eater. Ack! Help there's change in my house!! Only he cant reach the chocolate. 

That's ok. Really, it is. He's such a great dog - if this is the one thing that's holding you back from putting in your application, press that send button. Keep the soft toys picked up and only bring them out when you can play with him with them. You should play with him anyway - You'll love the rewards.

He's a bit of a chewer (as I've explained) so I always have plenty of bones on hand to keep his brain engaged. I like to fill beef bones with peanut butter and treats and freeze them. That really keeps him busy. When you come to meet him, I'll tell you all about it. He also likes Nyla-bones which are hard, hard plastic and he loves to chew them. 

Now, the other foster. Cant believe there is not an application for her yet. I've had Miss Odessa - Tiny Applehead Dancer for just over a week. She was a little out of sorts when she first arrived but then, who wouldnt be? She had been driving all night from Alabama. She arrived in -10 temperatures on  Sunday morning, was given a bath and shipped off to live (temporarily) with three big dogs and one medium dog. 

After a couple days, she was much better with the big dogs and after a week, has started to do her business on the snow. Holla! There are still some random poops that show up in the house but I think it's more of a teenager training issue than a housetraining issue. 

We've been going to the dog park and I didnt take her the first couple days as she was a little sniffly and it was soo cold. I put a sweater on her and that helped but I dont think she likes to wear the clothes, honestly. Yesterday I made her wear the snowsuit and she promptly sat down at wouldnt budge. Today, I put the vest on her at home and she got mad. Seriously, this is for your own good. 

We went to the dog park in 18 degree weather without any dog clothes. She ran and ran and ran and ran and ran like a maniac. Her feet got a little cold but she was ok with that. She did one lap keeping up with the big doggies. After about another quarter lap, she followed in my footprints and I decided it was probably time to pick her up. I scooped her up and tucked her in my coat. We did more lap like that and towards the end of the third lap, she was watching all of the big doggies, her housemates joined by a Great Dane and a Yellow Lab, and whining. So I let her out of my coat and she ran just a little more. 

I made her run to the gate and then run to the car. She is able to jump in and up she went! 

We got five inches of fresh powder yesterday and its pretty hard to run and slog through the snow. Pretty quiet here at The Lodge as I type this. All the pups are pretty tired. 

Tomorrow Odessa goes in to get snipped. Not fun, but necessary. 

I'll post some pictures tomorrow from our weekend adventure!

Thanks for thinking rescue!!

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