Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Noogie for Bronte-Reno!!

At long last, the poor little naked doggie from Alabama has found his very own home. It was a bittersweet day for me.

I'd met his future family about two weeks ago when they came to a meet and greet event at The Doggy Bag in downtown Oconomowoc.

I had no doubt they were the right family for my boy buuuuuut, when you get one who was as broken as he was, he's hard to let go. 

I'd nursed him through daily ivermectin treatments, two rounds, to kill the mange. I'd given him his first haircut to clean him up so he wouldnt look quite so pa-the-ti-sad.  My family and I have taken him from near nakedity to peach fuzz to a thin layer of hair to a thick beautiful coat.

When he first arrived he was so shy and so scared of us but we all persevered and turned him into a family pet. I took him to the dog park every day and he made doggie friends and got to know my two-legged friends.

The first trip to the dog park he was pretty apprehensive. Friday was our last trip to the dog park and he was off the hook. The weather was warming up a bit and he jumped on my human friends, who were thrilled with him jumping on them. 

I'm so happy for Reno-Wrigley and I'm so happy for his new family. He has a mom and dad, a twelve year old boy and a 10 year old girl. They live over in Hartland so hopefully we will get to see him from time to time. 

Nali is really hoping we see him again. She was pretty mopey after Reno-Wrigley left. Later in the afternoon, she started playing with Albert-Tiger. As I type she's looking up at me wanting some Mama time. 

So without further adieu, plus Naligghb is helping me type, 

Happy New Life Reno-Wrigley!  Here's your Noogie!!!


At his new home, on his daddy's lap.

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