Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hair - There's a Musical in There ... Somewhere.

Everyday he has more. Cant wait to wake up tomorrow and see how much more he has. When I first met Kyle/Reno he was naked and pink. He's a little less naked and only turns pink when he runs like a maniac at the dog park; which he loves by the way. The first few trips were a little uneasy but now he's quite comfortable running and carrying on with the other pups there. 

Two people that I see at the dp on a daily basis have both commented on how much more friendly he is. Really coming out of his shell. Jeff, Riley's dad even got a sniff on the hand. 

His first round of anti-mange treatment wraps up next week but we're going to try one more just to be sure he's perfect. So, I'm thinking he probably wont be going home anytime before October 1st. Truthfully tho, it's really only six weeks away. 

Here are some pix that I snapped this morning. (oh, and a couple from the dp yesterday)


Did you lose your bunny? He's at the dog park.

Chase me.

Why yes, that is a baby wrapped around his collar. He, never having had "real" human parents, never learned proper use of teeth on hands. He likes to bite hard when playing, but only when playing. He needs to learn how to play nice. I stuck the baby in there for something else for him to chew on; instead of my fingers. YOWCH!

Too Close!

Hee hee  Love the little hairs on his head!

Also, If you've been reading and watching to learn more about Miss Naughty Alex. She has been adopted!! YaY!! I dont have all of the particulars yet but I will let you know more when I know more.

And, yes, she'll be getting a Noogie too!


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