Friday, August 23, 2013

A quick Bronte~Reno update

Bronte-Reno has been steadily growing hair back seemingly minute by minute. This is a fortunate this because he is also coming out of his shell more and more everyday. We're also heading into fall here in Southeastern Wisconsin and its going to get chilly.

People at the dog park cant believe how much his hair has grown back in in the time we've had him. There is one woman who is absolutely head-over-heels in love with him and wants so desperately to pet him and cuddle with him. Not yet, park patron, not yet.

He's getting closer and he comes to her and bonks her on the back of her legs with his nose but that's as far as he'll let her get. 

He's getting better about the housetraining thing and as long as people pay attention (um hello children of mine), he goes outside to do his business.

He's quite the cuddler, and loves to curl up behind our backs in bed. He'll also lay on your lap while watching TV or passengering in the car. I dont let any dog EVER sit on my lap while driving. It gives me the shudders to see it. 

To the people who let their dogs sit on their laps while driving - Come on, how dumb are you??? If you get in an head on car accident, you might as well plan on having your family request an extra tall casket because you and Fluffy are going together when that airbag goes off. 

(stepping down from soap box)

Ok, so there you have all the updates. 


Oh, wait. He's getting little tiny eyelashes so his eyes are less goopy. 

Oh, and he's a little spoiled as he will only eat rawhide chips with peanut butter on them. What? He's skinny. That and he wont chew them otherwise and he loves to chew. 

Thank you for thinking rescue! Thank you for reading.

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