Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here for a Limited Time ... Annie

So while one of the other fosters goes on Spring Break, I volunteered to watch her foster. This pup's name is Annie and she is, from all we can discern, a Parti-Doodle. Which is a Parti (or bi/multi colored) Poodle mixed with a Labrador. 

For those of you who were with me when I had Wilma-Karma, Annie's markings look a lot like Wilma-Karma's. Only difference is, Annie has tight tight tight little poodly curls.

So this pretty little 5-ish year old girl, was bounced around from family to family to family and finally wound up in the shelter. Now, here she is at FDR and she's looking for her Furever Furever Family.  Shelter employees were told that she was hyper. Okaaaaaaaaaay, did you run her everyday? She is a mix of two hunting breeds, you know.

No matter, she's here now and she's safe.

When Annie arrived at The Lodge last night, she was a little wound up. Normal. She and I didnt sleep much last night. She didnt want to be alone. We went to the dog park this morning and she chased and chased and chased a beautiful yellow lab. We did a lap or two around and came home but still she wouldnt settle.

Lucky Jim was walking around the house shaking his head. His ears were full of hair that needed to be ... eek, pulled. As luck would have it our groomer was available.

We went to Tail Waggin Doggy Daycare today and met up with Kate who grooms all of the Fluffies. She is a professional groomer who does an outstanding job. If you're in the Lake Country Area and need a groomer, I recommend Kate - I'm not sure of her direct line but you can reach her thru Tail Waggin Doggy Daycare at 262.369.8252.

Kate cleaned out Lucky Jim's ears and then cut the mats out from between all of the pads on a four of Annie's feet. There were some that were the size of large peas. You know that miserable feeling when you have a rock in your shoe? Imagine if you had four feet and four rocks in your shoes. Yeah, awful.

Kate cleaned that up and then she clipped Annie's nails. 

We came back to The Lodge and Annie is sleeping peacefully on the couch. 

I've got her wearing her Lodge Version Thundershirt but depending on how it goes in a bit, I may just take that off. 

Here are some shots of the crew.

Lincoln Winkleman - Is very windy here at The Lodge :)

I love this picture!

Looks like she's been cleaning Lincoln Winkleman's ear

Wrestling with Lucky Jim

I'm not sure what's happening here; perhaps just the magic and speed of digital photography

Excuse me - these are my photos she's taking - no photobombing, Linc.

What do you think Te'a is thinking here??

Lucky Jim

Uh... That's a really big spider on the ceiling

Uh, that's really big centipede on the steps

Isnt she pretty??

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