Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened at The Dog Park

As you know, Alex-Riggs went home this week to his new home near Racine. He seems to be doing great and he and his mom are getting to know each other.

Yesterday afternoon, we greeted a new friend at The Lodge. Her name is Anna. She had been with another foster but due to some unforeseen circumstances, she had to find a new foster home for Anna. Viola! 

She is a sweet little five month old German Wirehaired Pointer Mix. Very very sweet. Last night she slept in Kiera's bedroom. She is a very cuddly little girl. 

We went to the dog park this afternoon. Had a great time. Made some new friends.

As always, double click to enjoy larger!

Running and sniffing at the new dog park.

Lincoln Winky checking something too!

Lucky Jim is in for sniffing too!

Here's Anna sniffing far away!

Here's Anna with a new friend - An English Setter  -  Pretty!

Lincoln Winky smiling about something.

Anna sniffing something else. If you look close on her shoulder you'll notice  a  spot that 's about an inch long. Yeah.

Here's Lincoln Winky havin' some gravity trouble

He was dancing with his new friend

Hey! Here's Anna! Everybody play!

Here's Anna, Lincoln Winky and their new friend playing tag. Oh, and Lucky Jim's tail

Everybody run!

Blurry but cute.

Not sure what's happening here but glad I'm not the guy in the middle

Here Lincoln Winky and Anna are. You should a heard that joke he told her. Would have made a sailor blush.

Here we are at the emergency vet's office. Yeah. Scroll back up to the picture with the inch long  spot. Yeah, that's a gash. Connor was looking at these pictures as I uploaded them. He said she looked a little freaked out - Yeah, she was.

She is sooo pretty.

As I type this, we're waiting to hear back from the emergency vet. He was going to put her under, shave the spot, suture the inner layer, suture the outer layer and give us a call. 

We've never had to take a foster dog to emergency vet before. I guess I can scratch that off my bucket list. The funny thing about this is that I've given 34 or so dogs new homes and I've leaked a few tears. But man, I gotta tell you, walking away from the vet's office with an empty leash, even though I know I'm going back, is a killer. That's what hurts me the most. Can't explain it but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 

Wanna give a shout out to Mary & Angela in Ocon. Thank you for reposting the blog pages on your Facebook wall. That act of kindness may help Lucky Jimmy find his new furever home with a friend named Patti. YaY! Will keep everyone posted on all the dogs. 

Thank You for Reading! Thank You for Thinking Rescue!

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