Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Bittersweet Trip to the Dog Park

If you're a long time reader of this blog, you know that I rarely take the dogs to the dog park the day they go home. Don't ask me why  ~ I don't know either. It isnt like they dont need exercise on their last day at The Lodge. In fact, they probably need it more. Maybe its because I dont want to walk around knowing that this "is the last time I'll have _______ at the Dog Park" - Is quite bittersweet.

Today we went to the dog park. One last time at Nashotah for Alex-Riggs as he was scheduled to go to his new home with his new mom later this afternoon.

So, since I havent been very good about putting pictures on the blog for you, I decided to brave frost-bite for you (you can thank me by sending in your app for either Lucky Jim or Lincoln-Winky) and take some pictures of the kids at play. 


Double click to enjoy more!

Alex-Riggs and Te'a and look waaaaay up in the right hand corner is little Lincoln-Winky sporting a jacket. Those little shorthaired guys get cold in this weather - Just as Carlos, he wore it first. (Double click to see a better view)

Here's all the big doggies running into the sun. Lucky Jim looks a bit like Gumby but WoW, Look at Alex-Rigg's Tail. High as a kite! He's sooo happy!

Ooh, what are we all sniffing??

Happy Dog

Still Happy

Ok, he's Happy!

I think he's happy ~ his tail is up

Oh, yeah, he's happy

Here's Lucky Jim - He's havin' a little gravity issue. Notice Alex-Riggs hot on his  heels.

Thank You JA in AL

Te'a, Alex-Riggs and Percy

Have I mentioned he's happy? (and loving the cold weather)

Where did my buddy go with the jacket on? How come I dont get a jacket??

Sooo cute

Aaah, Labrador Book Ends

I dont understand the flashy thing - knock it off already

So serious.

Oh, and here's one of Mr Lincoln -Winky (winky winky) -  Think he's a  "Beiner Dog" much
Beiner Dog = Beagle and Weiner Dog. OH YeaH

Thank you for Thinking Rescue! Thank You for Reading!

(Now, get your app in for Lucky Jim and Lincoln Winky Winky Winkee)

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Mark said...

looks like a great last day! Sending good thoughts for the other boys!