Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fog Park ... Er... Dog Park

If you're here, you're interested in adopting either Lucky Jimmy, Lincoln Winkie or Anna. I'm guessing you've been reading about them and hoping to learn more about them through my words. Today, I have no words. I have five dogs at my house; two are under a year. One of those two had seven, now down to six, staples in her left shoulder. Dont know how it happened, the loss of the seventh staple. Thankfully it is in the middle of the cut and it was looking pretty good before it got yanked out. Nope, dont know where it went. It will probably turn up sometime.

In the meantime, know that with that many dogs and that many young dogs, they have a lot of energy to burn off. We went to the dog park today. Yes, I know, the veterinarian who stapled Anna up said that she had to remain low key. Hmm. All out of Benedryl. I guess we go to the dog park. Not to worry. I kept her leashed the whole time. When the big doggies decided that it was rough-housing time, I reined her in even more. 

Not to mention the fog was pretty darn cool this morning. The only problem was that the dogs couldnt see anything so they relied much more heavily on their other sense ... you know... of smell. For about 15 minutes I wasnt sure if I was going to be keeping Lincoln or chase him through the dog park. He had his head through the fence and dont tell him but it wouldnt have taken much to get the rest of him through the fence. Gasp. 

Furever Families, on this eve of Thanksgiving, I thank you for thinking rescue and I thank you for reading. 

Thank you for sending in your application for your favorite Fluffy!

Blessed Thanksgiving!

i turned the flash off to better capture the fog. This is a great shot of Lincoln.  I think he's moving from  right to left. Maybe?

Old Linc figured he could see more if he was up off the foggy ground. Yeah, guess not.

All five Lodge dogs are in this picture. Can you find Linc

This one is cool

Awww - Lucky Jim!  I like this pic

If you were wondering where your crown was, its at the dog park.

Lucky Jim - this is a cool one too

This is a picture of Anna's staples from this morning. Double Click to see it more clearly

Linc's ears are NEVER right side in.


Thank You!

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Your Daughter, Kiera R. Grade said...

Mom, I miss Anna.