Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Quick Update

I've got two dozen pictures of Lucky-Jimmy and Alex-Riggs in my camera but I only have a few moments to update this before its onto housecleaning and other assorted fun. joy.

Lucky-Jimmy continues to be such a wonderful dog. Yes, it's true that he has Addison's disease and will need medicine for the rest of his life to keep him vertical. However, while he remains vertical, he also moves at the speed of light. He is half Labrador and half Standard Poodle. He needs a good, hard 45 minute run everyday (or he spins). His medicine is about an extra $100 a month ~ depending on where you live. 

He is, in fact, a typical Labradoodle. He's a wild man, "smart as a whip" and oh, so, so cuddly. He loves to retrieve and drops the ball at your feet. 

Please consult your vet before you put your application in for Mr. Lucky-Jimmy Dog.

Alex-Riggs is starting to come out of his shell. My friend Lori at the dog park commented this morning on how much she enjoys watching me bring new dogs to the dog park. Most are scared, shy and unsure of what is happening but over time they start to come out their shells and become these amazing creatures. Alex-Riggs is currently the darling of the dog park. Everyone is commenting on how adorable he is. He, of course, wants nothing to do with people at the dog park. Jeff and Lori really wanted to pet him this morning so I scooped him up and let them. 

Alex-Riggs wasnt so all about it but he needs to learn that people are good and that no one is going to hurt him, ever again. He is closer to relaxing about people than he was but still has a ways to go. 

He is also quite adept at running stairs and hopping up on our bed. The first two weeks were scary for him but he's really started to embrace my house as his own. He also decided that my shoe, that I carelessly left lay, would make a nice chew toy. I redirected him with a bone and put the shoe away.

He's not had one accident in the house. He is a perfect little guy. I dont think he'll get too much bigger but I dont know for sure. 

I'll try and get those pictures off my camera from this weekends fun at Minooka Park. Thank you Becky, Jay and Emma for a great time helping Fluffy Dogs. We raised nearly $800.00 for the pups!

I also have a few pix from yesterday at the park. Hopefully this afternoon I'll get to getting those on the site!

Thank you for Thinking Rescue! Thank You for Reading!


Jenni Thompson said...

I am so in love and obsessed with Alex-Riggs. Some how I ran across his picture on Petfinder (I think)and had an instant connection. Not sure how he came up on my search, since we live in Ramsey, MN.

I am glad that he is making such good progress. We are unable to adopt at this time, because my son is only 5 years old and doesn't meet the criteria :(. Also, I am still trying to convince my husband.

Love reading the updates and seeing the progress he has made. Maybe by the time he is ready for adoption, my son will be 6!

Michelle R. Grade said...

Hi Jenni -

That would be great. He's actually doing much better since we introduced little Italy Pippy into the mix around here. If only I could get it through my 15 year old's brain that Alex-Riggs is not ready for the games that my son is trying to play with him - Aaaaaaaaaagh.

Thank You for Reading!