Saturday, September 22, 2012

Giant Steps

It's been a week of leaps this week at The Lodge. Alex-Riggs is really starting to come around.

With the exception of Tuesday, when we all went back to bed after the kids left, we've been to the dog park every day.  Alex-Riggs is getting the hang of actually, gasp, being a dog and doing dog stuff. You know like running and playing and play fighting with his pack members.

He's also starting to venture around the house more and more. Yesterday morning he was in the dining room with us - laying on the floor like he didnt have a care in the world.

It's been very nearly two weeks and he has yet to have an accident in the house or even an on purpose for that matter. 

Last night, Mocha was scratching her back on the floor and puppy Alex-Riggs decided he wanted in. First he pawed at her with his left front foot, then the right, left, right, left, right. He's been trying to play with Lucky-Jimmy but ol Jim isnt quite sure what to do with a guy that little. Mocha has a little more "mama" in here and plays very gently with puppy.

Alex-Riggs is also opening up more and coming around for affection. He wags his tail so much I think  it may just dislocate his spine.

He's done two home visits with Scott and I this week. I think the exposure to as many positive people as possible is really helping him.

Someone at the dog park pointed out how much he adores me. Of course, I'm the mama. I feed him, I drag him to the dog park and I'm on the floor with him. At the same time, the rest of the family is taking a little longer to get Alex-Riggs to come to them. Connor comes home from school and Alex-Riggs barks at him. All of the hair on his back, from the top of his fuzzy head, to the base of his tail stands up. Same thing happens when Kiera walks in the door fifteen minutes later.

Lay Down! Roll on your back! Let him see you arent a threat.

I guess we need to work on that a bit more. 

Surprisingly he's actually better with Scott, who is 6'3" than with the kids who are both around five feet tall. Connor is a couple inches taller than me ... but lets not tell him I told you. :D

Thanks for reading! If you want to come meet Lucky-Jimmy in person, we'll be at The Oconomowoc Public Library at 1:00p today talking about our book, A Foster's Tail. Alex-Riggs isnt quite ready for that yet; I think that might just send him running back into his shell.

See you later!

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