Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Quick Update

I'm going to try and update the blog today while eating breakfast and trying to breathe. 

I have a cold. 

Nothing says, "YaY, Back to School" like your number One daughter coming down with what they are treating for pneumonia. She coughs and sneezes and VIOLA, hello sniffly nose.

On the upside, I did manage to sleep most of the morning yesterday and rest up watching old episodes of Frazier on Netflix.

If you have animals, have you ever noticed that they know when you're sick? I had all four, yes, Four, dogs on the bed with me all morning. 

Alex-Riggs was downstairs crying crying crying. I scooped him up and plopped him on the bed. Everybody else jumped up shortly there-after.

He wasnt so wild about touching me while we all sleeping so he very carefully moved away ever so slightly. It took him about twenty minutes but he was six inches from me.

Last night we did a home visit for a family who wants to adopt Reese. I decided that it would be fun to take puppy along too. He did ok and the family passed! Reesie will have a new home this weekend!!

Alex-Riggs has been going in and out of the door without being carried too. Man, just when I was starting to rebuild my sagging core and bicep muscles. He runs outside on the grass, does his thing (he's a squatter) and runs back to the garage.

Oh, he's also graduated from the bathroom, where he first slept, to the couch in the family room. This seems to be his safe place. I'm thinking next week this time, we'll have him trying stairs! 

He's coming along. Hooray! And a lot faster than I thought he would. Hooray!

I'll try and get pictures this weekend. 

Hope you can all come to the Oconomowoc Public Library at 1:00pm this Saturday. I'm going to be there talking about my book, A Foster's Tail. Lucky Jimmy will be there too!

Thank you for Thinking Rescue! Thank You for Reading!!

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