Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pictures Pictures Pictures

 After yesterday's success at the dog park, we decided to try it again this morning and keep this positive ball rolling. Today was even better than yesterday and I'm hoping tomorrow will be even better. 

I took my camera along and shot quite a few pix of the pups playing, ok they are all of Alex-Riggs playing. He moves pretty fast so a lot of them are rather blurry! 

He has a great time at the park but is still wary of strangers. Perhaps another couple of weeks and he'll be letting everybody love on him. 


Now that he's getting used to the idea that car rides are fun, he's enjoying
riding more. He decided that it was ok to sit up and look around at the
world going by. 

And for your amusement and amazement, here are a couple of videos!

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