Thursday, September 6, 2012

One more cut before fall

So, I've not made it a secret that I prefer smooooth Labbies to the Fluffy Scruffy dogs. Doesnt mean I love them any less but still I like the clean look of my Labbies. Besides all that scruff is perfect for attaching stick-tights and burrs. RRrrrrr.

I gave Lucky-Jimmy one last haircut, I think, before fall arrives here in Southeastern Wisconsin. I dont know, maybe he'll get one more or maybe just some random trims to keep up the style I've been working on.

On Monday, after our long weekend, I took Lucky Jimmy outside and trimmed him up a bit. He had some stragglers and fluffy hair that wasnt working for me. Ha, like I'm sort of grooming expert now.

He's looking pretty smooth and when you take away the fluff on the back of his legs, he looks like this amazing racehorse. He has really filled out nicely and has some pretty good looking musculature goin' on. You cant see his hipbones any more. Actually, you havent been able to see those for a few months now. 

I also trimmed his face up, er... pretty short and I may have grazed the skin in a few places. Ooh, sorry about that buddy. The hair on his, this one's for Deb, peepster, I inflicted the teeniest cut on the end of it. Oh, dang, sorry dude. I looked at it last night and it appears to be healing up alright.

Funny thing about this haircutting business. His dad was a black standard Poodle and his mom a Yellow Labrador. He is mostly a lovely soft black; kind of charcoally. When I trimmed his face, everything underneath is sort of silvery grey - very pretty. My children hate it, of course. With his hair as short as it is, he looks very very poodly. Connor thinks he looks like a raccoon. His ears and head are black with a few stray white hairs in them. I've left his ears long, too.  His face is silver with some er... bare spots over his eyes. Sorry about that pal, it'll grow back, promise. 

He does have some silver on his hips and thighs and around his shoulders.

But his paws, oh, his paws are my favorite. We've been leaving the hair long around his wrists and ankles and it's probably a good three inches long now. When we go to the dog park in the mornings and he goes running through the dewy grass, the hair is heavier and wet and it looks pretty fluffy. Of course, he moves like lightening and I cant get a decent picture of him. 

On Sunday, we will take another foster from the rescue. His name is Alex or Max. I guess his foster in AL has been calling him Max so I'll stick with that. He is a six month old Golden Mix pup. Soo cute! Stay tuned for pictures!!

Thank you for thinking rescue! Thank You for reading!

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