Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes I gotta do everything myself around here

Hi All -

Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do. Last week Tuesday this lady shows up at my house. She wanted to play with MY foster sisters. She was about as big as me but had big ol' brown spots all over her body. I told her that I was in charge here and she should know that.

As it turned out, Karma, is a dear spotted friend of the family. Apparently she too was a foster dog here at The Lodge and has since moved onto her furever home with her mom in, get this, Chicago. She lives near Wrigley Field. (If you want to see some pictures of Karma at the Dog Park, check out my mom's book Facebook Page, "A Foster's Tail" - Karma is pretty ... well, pretty)

Imagine that.

I figure, if a spotted pony like Karma from waaaaaaaay down in Alabama can find a furever home in Chicago, well, then, I can find my permanent home around here. Right?

Here's the scoop. Mom is busy working on book stuff. I think she went to Beaver Dam today to see if she can put some books in a store or two over there. She made the mistake of leaving the laptop open and the blog loaded up. I figure I'll just update my own blog if she's too busy to do it herself.

I am about a three year old boy. I'm a little bit more than three but as I am a Labradoodle I have above average energy, or at least that's what my mom says. I am also taller than the average Labradoodle and my chin can rest nicely on your kitchen or dining room table while I lick your plate - hee hee.

I am a good eater and I will sit for my food. My first owners must have spent a lot of time working with me on that and I have good manners in that respect. Now, on that food thing. I have a little disease called Addison's Disease and I require some additional medicine to keep me from ... well, dying. I need a shot once a month or so and I need predisone every morning. Mom just tosses all the pills in my chow and I eat it up. I am half Lab, you know. Mom says it's a lot like being half goat.

We dont walk much on the leash for exercise (I've been told I need a little leashwork). Mom likes us to RUN. I like to RUN. We try to go to the dog park everyday and run. I like to chase birds and retrieve the ball. Mom has one of those Flinger things and the ball really flies!! I am very good at retrieving and dropping at my mom or dad's feet.

At the dog park, I'm good with the other dogs. I can be a little possessive with the water buckets but I am waaaaaaaaaay better than I used to be. I am also waaaaaaaay better with other male dogs. Mom thinks I might be a little insecure but I'm not sure what that means, but I do know I'm getting better. 

But, I do like to play with other dogs and after an initial mutual growling at each other, Karma is my best bud. She and I played and ran and ran and played. I tried to show her that I was boss at the dog park one day and I deliberately ran into her. Just before we went home she did the same thing back to me. I guess that was her way of saying that I'm not the boss of her.

After Karma went home I had a big big big spotted sad. She was my new friend and now she's gone. I felt so bad that even when Mom tried to cuddle with me on the floor, I just kind of laid there and sighed. Sunday night, while Mom was trying to read in bed, I crawled into bed with her and put my head on her chest. She put her book on my head. Silly Mom.

This morning while Mom was reading (she's taking advantage of laying in bed a little longer these days before the kids go off to school and the world is crazy around here again.) I jumped on the bed again and buried my face in the covers. I like the way she gives a startled little shriek when my cold nose hits her warm cozy belly. Whee!!

Ah... well, let's see, what else can I tell you while I have your attention?

I like to ride in the car and like to sniff out the window.

I DONT LIKE MOTORCYCLES. But, I do like Harley's. Go Figure.

I dont like pick-up trucks and I definitely dont like Dump Trucks. I bark like a maniac when we pass those on the highway. But I never, ever, ever bark at Harley's. Yeah, Harley's are cool. 

I like to swim. In fact I love the water. I did ok when Mom had to give me a bath on the driveway. I'm good with getting groomed and getting my nails trimmed. Furever family I hope you show up soon because I have no hope for Dad as my groomer. 

Mom asked him that when he shaved me last time to leave my ankles and feet long. I have a sneaky suspicion they are going to color my feet in Halloween Orange if I'm still here at The Lodge come the end of October. 

I know that the Addison's Diagnosis is a pretty daunting possibility both emotionally and financially, and I hope that even before you consider putting in your application and application fee for me, you will talk to your veterinarian about it. It's quite manageable and I am in all other aspects a normal (whatever that is) Labradoodle. 

Mom's car just pulled into the driveway and the garage door is going up. It's probably a good thing because I've worn my nails down to the nubs and it'll be hard to explain the dog hair on the keyboard. Ha! Not really. Mom needs to vacuum anyway. 

So Hey, thanks for reading all about me. Thank you for thinking rescue instead of buying a puppy. 

You Rock. 

Love you like a Soup Bone, 




Jiminy Cricket



Dont eat the kitty! - ha ha - just kidding about that. I'm good with kitties now. I dont chase them anymore.  :D

***   OOh Geez - I almost forgot!! Mom told me to tell you that we are going to be at The Doggy Bag in Oconomowoc THIS SUNDAY AUGUST 26TH!! Eric, Lori and Duncan are having Paw Print Art in the hallway next to the store. The cost is $8 and it should be a great time! My friend Mia said she was going to come over to if her mom remembers (hee hee). Hope to see you at The Doggy Bag at 150 East Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc. Check out the Facebook Page too!    ***

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