Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I know. I know. I just posted pictures yesterday (or the day before) of Lucky Jimmy being all cute at the the dog park. 

This morning, we took the crew to the Dog Park and then, as an added treat, over to our favorite watering hole, Ashippun Lake. Lucky Jimmy ran straight for the water and daintly stepped in. Just not ready yet. After a little more dancing around, he opted to go full on into the water.

I'm mostly sure he knows how to swim. If you watch the video of him "swimming", you may find yourself thinking, like I did, "Oh, Cr*%, he's gonna drown himself."

But he is such a silly dog, I think he was just fooling around. I hope. Either way we made it home in one piece.

What I couldn't capture was him running through the eight foot tall cattails around the edges of the lake. Hilarious. 

However, he came back covered in stick-tighty things and smelling of ... gag... dead... dead  fish. Yes, it was so bad, I had to mention dead twice. Blech. 

I gave all three pups a quick wash with the hose, out on the driveway. I'm sure my neighbor Sue enjoyed the show as she was coming down her drive way. Always happy to entertain, I am.

Now they are all clean & tired. Ahhh.

Ha Ha -  I can hover!

Both are going for the ball. Ball is still in mid air. who do you think got it?

I made this my FB cover.

Te'a going after the ball. I was hoping she didnt land on Mocha.  Could not tell until I saw the picture.

Do you see Lucky-Jimmy? He thinks he's died and gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds 

Swim, Lucky, Swim.

The other night I had an opportunity to visit our pal Carter at his house near Eagle. I'm not sure he remembered us at first but eventually he figured out who we all were. I want to savor those pix as only a mama can before I show them to you all. 

Thank You for Reading! Thank You for Thinking Rescue!


My pets protection said...

The dog look like their having a great time. What lake is that?

Michelle R. Grade said...

It's Ashippun Lake in Town of Oconomowoc, WI. There is a boat landing there. Good fishing too!

Mark said...

Tea' got it! Love the way Jimmy swims, we had a dog that did that too