Monday, August 6, 2012

I was hoping it would last longer but ... sigh ... Jimmy started to crash on Friday morning.  Now, before you go and get all worried, it wasnt so much of a crash, as it was a heading south. One of the pre-cursors to crash is the reluctance to eat. And for a Labrador not to eat, there HAS to be something wrong. 

Lucky Jimmy kind of fussed around and walked away from his breakfast. I tried several tricks to get him to eat but nope, he wouldnt eat. 

I wound up hand feeding him his prednisone and his other supplements. By Friday night, he wasnt worse but he still wouldnt eat. I told Scott that he needed to give Lucky-Jimmy Dog a shot and after dinner he prepared the syringe.

Lucky Jimmy stood next to Scott and watched him the entire time he was preparing the medicine. He acted like he knew what Scott was doing and how it would make him feel better.

About an hour ago, he ran away from Kiera and down the street. See, he's been very trustworthy and we took off the electronic yard collar. Yeah, he just blew that and he's back on the yard collar. Stinker. But a very much alive Stinker, all the same.

At his last haircut, I asked Scott to leave Lucky Jimmy's feet long and not shave below his ankles. It's all starting to grow out a little bit and he's lookin' like he's wearing UGG Boots. LOL. 

I'm hoping not, but if he's still here at Christmas, how about Halloween?, I'll color the front ones orange and leave the back ones black. Or maybe a black and orange in the front AND the back. LOL.

Adopt him now and spare him from the humiliation!

In the meantime, I have a few new snaps of him. He doesnt stand still much and he's a crazy dog at the dog park. He's completely adorable and oh, so sweet. Do you have room at your place for a dog like him? Do you have room in your pocketbook for a veterinary expense like his?

Let me know.

Thank You for Reading. Thank You for Thinking Rescue!

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