Monday, September 10, 2012

The Arrival of Alex/Max/Puppy

um... hi...

i am alex/max/puppy. i just arrived in wisconsin yesterday afternoon. it was a pretty long ride from alabama to hartland and then on to ocon ... ocon... oconomowoc.

i got a bath. they found one flea on me.

at my new house, i sat on my dad's lap for a couple hours. at first i was shaking but after a while it was ok. he was petting me and talking to me. they talk funny here.

my new dog family was friendly. everybody sniffed me.

i ate dinner.

mom carried me outside and down the driveway after several tries to have me got potties in the grass. eventually i did go but then ran back up to the house.

inside i got a drink and curled up in the bathroom. its a small bathroom but it's ok, i'm a small guy.

mom got me a nice blankie and a couple of babies and i slept there.

this morning, she carried me back outside but i was too scared to potty. i'll just hold it til its less scary. i did come inside and have breakfast. i ate most of it but didnt want to finish the bowl. i might not get more.

its crazy here at The Lodge this morning. everybody is getting up and its just mom and me and the dogs left.

maybe i'll come out while they are all at school.



My pets protection said...

Great little story I enjoyed it.

Anne Krick said...

Hi Alex/Max, Love your name. I have a lot of names too. I use to be Fuzz, then Fuzz-Trooper, and now Cooper Henry (the Hunter), aka Fuzz-Trooper, Chia-Pet, Velcro-Dog.
You will love, love, love your foster mom. she took really good care of me until my forever parents came for me. I loved it here will all the buddies. The bathroom sounds a great place to sleep --nice and snug. I use to sleep by the back door -- guarding it so no one left without me. Now I trust my mom and sleep right by her bed -- even on it sometimes.
Love, you buddy, Coop