Monday, July 2, 2012

New Photos of Lucky-Jimmy Dog

I havent been very diligent about putting Lucky- Jimmy Dog pictures on his blog post. I guess because I havent been able to get a good one. He's always moving and I wind up cutting him off. But, I guess a cut off dog is better than no dog.

But first some info. He's still the most perfect foster. His manners are wonderful and he's even staying in the yard when the yard collar comes off. Not that we do that all that often.

He's also settled into life at The Lodge. The dogs usually eat about 630a and we go to the dog park about an hour later. I've been really careful with them the past ten days as I dont want to exhaust them. This morning he was tearing around the yard like a maniac while I watered my dying trees. When we came in he was huffing and pufffing like no tomorrow. He finally, after about an hour, laid down on the floor and now he's ... er... graduated to the couch. I guess the floor got cold.

He's much much better with the cats and doesnt feel obligated to chase them anymore. That's a good thing. He's better at the dog park with other males dogs too. I wouldnt say I trust him implicitly but I'm not as worried as when he first came to The Lodge. He's much better when meeting other males. Tonight he's going on a home visit to meet some folks who are interested in adopting another Fluffy Dog. I'm sure he'll be up for the fun!

I've managed to put some weight on him and he's eating his food much more slowly. He's not a big fan when you stand by him while he's eating but we can work with that too.

The most interesting improvement is that he is supposed to get a shot to help him manage his Addisson's disease once every 25 - 28 days. Neither Scott nor I can remember when we gave him that last shot, exactly. Now, hold on, let's not get excited. I would have given him the shot, and I will give him the shot, if he shows symptoms of crashing. He's not. He's been his same, out of control, pillar to post and back again, self. He runs like a mad man in the yard and is doing just fine. Believe me, I dont want him to crash any more than anybody else does. I just started thinking that  Addisson's, like any other chronic illness, really flares up when a body is under stress. He's been living with me for two months (or so) and he's settled into pack life here at The Lodge. He walks around with "babies" in his mouth or not finding a baby, will pick up one of the dog beds and drag it from room to room.

And, he's stopped spinning and barking. YaY!

Lucky-Jimmy Dog, some friends and the kids and I will be at the Stone Bank Fourth of July Parade on Wednesday. Come on out at 11a to meet us. Please bring along some water because it's still supposed to be 90+ degrees. Some friends will be driving the Fluffy Dog ... er... float ... ah... van so we can put any hot and tired dogs and/or kids in there. We'll be passing out samples of Taste of the Wild Dog Food.

Come on down for some fun and meet Lucky-Jimmy and some of the other Fluffies.

And now, on with the slide show.

We were at the dog park one morning and there was a man there with a Standard Poodle. Lucky's dad was a black Standard Poodle. His mom was a Yellow Labrador.

Looks like we're at the beach, doesnt it? Nope, it's just very dry grass at the dog park.

Chasing somethings in the tall grass

Lucky Jimmy Dog takes a five to seven minute drink everytime we pass.

It's hard to see how long his tongue is in this picture. It's actually very long. He gets comments all the time.

The pefect dog

Thank You for Thinking Rescue. Thank You for Reading!  Hope to see you at the Parade!

PS - If you havent gotten your copy of "A Foster's Tail", be sure to stop me after the parade, I'll have some along if anyone is interested.

Here's a pic of Lucky-Jimmy and Mocha. Its too hot to do anything. awwww.

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