Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello There

I've gotten a couple of emails from people wondering what is happening with Lucky-Jimmy Dog. Has he been adopted? Why are there not more blog posts?

Well, mostly I've been busy. The end of the school year was upon us and then the first week of Vacation Bible School and Connor left for DC for four days. The second week of VBS and we're still playing catch-up.

Somewhere in there we did manage a trip down to Starved Rock State Park in IL. Depending on where you live, I highly recommend it. It was roughly a two and a half hour trip from The Lodge. It was a world of caves and paths and canyons. Very very cool. Unlike, Wisconsin, Illinois does not require a state park sticker. You have to pay tolls on their interstate but there are no stickers.

Lucky Jimmy had a great time and I'd like to say I took pictures of him but did not. There was so much beautiful scenery and pictures of my kids being silly that I had to shoot them instead.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to do a charity walk ( with our friend and former Fluffy Dog Isabella aka Ella the Bearded Collie. We walked about a mile or so through the beautiful Menomonee River Valley. There were no bugs and the weather was just about perfect. Ella's mom raised money for her favorite charity and she raised the most funds out of the ten teams that participated.

I didnt take Mocha because it was so hot for my old girl. I didnt take Te'a because the night before she had gotten hung up in a ground bee nest and her face was still swollen; despite the two generic Benadryl I gave her plus the cold compresses on her face. Lucky Jimmy was the lone man standing but he represented The Lodge most wonderfully.

Just so you know, he doesnt walk well on a leash. He needs a gentle leader because he's a bit of a wild man. YIY!! Dont worry if you dont know what it is, furever family, it comes with him when he gets adopted. There's even a video to show you how it works.

What's that? You're wondering about the Addisson's Diagnosis? Well, yes, he will have that forever. Yes, it will be about $100 a month on top of heartworm and frontline treatments and also annual vaccinnations. What you'll get in return is the most amazing dog. A Labradoodle is a combination of Labrador (what's not to love) and a Poodle - Hello, smartest dog on the planet. He is sweet, cuddly and now that he's been at The Lodge for a while, he's even socialized and he'll walk away from idiot dogs at the dog park if things get too wild.

Did I mention that he's wonderfully sweet? Just an amazing boy. He loves to chase birds whether he's on the leash or off, he loves to chase birds. He's been having fun chasing the swallows at the dog park in the mornings. Maybe you've seen him? He runs faster than Te'a and retrieves like a champ.

When he first arrived at The Lodge, he had a hard time settling down, even after a trip to the park. These days he comes home and settles right down and he's ok to rest.

Yes, he is housetrained. Yes, he loves kids. He loves other dogs - large or small. He's even gotten over his love of chasing the "indoor" squirrels that live here at The Lodge. Zoe, Hawk and Kahn are thankful for that too!

Previous to coming to The Lodge, Lucky Jimmy was trained on an underground fence. We have a similar set up, as I've described in previous posts. He puts on a mile or so running through the yard each time he goes out for potties.

Thank you for Thinking Rescue. Thank You for Reading!

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