Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Update??

I know, I know, I've got some free time to write the blog again since I'm waiting on the second proof of my book, "A Foster's Tail."  I know that I mention it at least once in every single blog post but I gotta tell you I'm so excited by it. Anybody who is a writer will tell you that they have a novel, a book on their bucket list.  I've always wanted to be a writer and it's finally come to fruition.  This blog was the impetus as well as some friends who kept pushing me (love you guys, thank you!)

It's presently available for  Kindles but I'm really hoping to have it in local stores by April 15, 2012. I know originally I said that it would be the end of March and it may very well be but let's just go with this.  If you're into Facebook, check out the Facebook Page - A Foster's Tail. Friends have been posting pictures and comments - Thank you for that, by the way.

Ok, so now back to our regularly scheduled blog about Wynne-Fiona and Bubbles-Ali (Alley)

First WF - she is really starting to become an enjoyable little pup. She is quite possibly the perfect size girl. A cute little 40# of fun. She loves to play with toys and other dogs. She needs a little work with kitties but they all do. She's great with kids. I would have to say that if you are looking for a first time dog for your family (I see her with a family of little girls over the age of six), she would be the one. The only caveat would be as long as mom and dad have had dog experience but even then, it wouldn't be a deal breaker. She needs a walk daily but she's not super energetic and I think she will settle even more so once she becomes an adult dog. She's almost a year old and likes to have fun like a puppy. I think with her markings she will look like a puppy forever. Would I like to see her in a home with another dog? Maybe. She is not a big fan of males larger than she is. She can get a little snarky.

She will sleep with us but always at the end of the bed. I think she just gets too hot. Lately she's been sleeping on the rug at the foot of the bed.

Now, Bubbles-Ali (Alley) (you all get how to pronounce her name, right? I'll keep adding alley at the end until Saturday and after that you're on your own.)  This must be said about Bubbles-Ali (Alley) and made perfectly clear. Ready?


I feel like I am offering some sort of public service announcement when I post that.

She is a young dog who is a mix of two high energy hunting breeds. She is uber-high-energy. She is NOT a Bulldog. What she is is a bird dog. When she sees the birds at the dog park she will run and chase and carry-on after them. I've been told she jumps fences but I haven't  seen that yet. Phew.

Yesterday she ran for an hour at the dog park. Today nearly an hour. I've been putting her in the kennel when I get home to help her settle but today I have not. I was hoping she would be tired enough to just crash. And, my hope came true as she is laying on my foot under the table. (The feathers on her underbody are tickling my ankle like some sort of fuzzy mosquito. She is not puffing, panting, pacing, chasing or running. (She actually just sighed - Awesome)

At the end of the day, or even before she's getting wound up for the day, she is the sweetest most cuddly little girl. She probably only weighs 30 - 35#. She's pretty thin. I'm going to start feeding her three times a day and see what we get. I'm sure once we've reached the balance point, I will cut back a bit but she's young and wild - needs those extra calories.

The funny thing about Bubbles-Ali (alley) is that once the sun goes down and all is quiet, she stops. She actually stops. Scott says she's solar powered. Hmm, that may be true. She does have black ears, black eye patches and lots of little black spots. (ok, probably not, but fun to think about)

The crew is pretty quiet now after an hour romp at the park. I'm hopeful we've stumbled onto the formula for a calm puppy in the house. Perhaps it was just the transition from house to house and all the new smells etc that was making her crazy. Perhaps she just needed to run it out.

That's it. Check out A Foster's Tail on Facebook if you're interested. Lots of pictures. If you want to read a couple portions of the book, check out the blog at

Thank You for Thinking Rescue. Thank You for Reading!

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