Friday, January 13, 2012

Breakfast Club!

On Saturday mornings in the winter at my "office's" sister location in Sussex, we host an indoor dog park called - Breakfast Club.  This weekend was the kick-off weekend and we took Wilma-KarmaJane along to meet one of our previous fosters.  Take a look at her pictures. Do you remember her?

Hmmm, looks familiar...

Can't quite place it ...

Is it...? It is, Stoli!

Wilma-Karmajane was a little unsure of the whole program.

Of course, once it was time to leave, Wilma-Karmajane warmed up and realized who came to see her

Brown dogs can JUMP

Ok, now I'm having fun


Doesnt she look great!!  Her mom said she's gained ten pounds since they adopted her!

Wilma-Karmajane imploring Connor to stay a little longer

Connor made a little friend

Kiera made a little bigger friend
If you're interested in joining us for Breakfast Club, we are at Central Bark in Sussex.  The cost is $3.00 per dog and all of the donations go to a local rescue.  Each week a local rescue comes in and does a little talk.  If you want to meet Wilma-Karmajane and Mr, Fuzz-Trooper, please join us from 10a - 12noon at the Central Bark in Sussex.  We'll be there next Saturday, Jan 21.  We are located at W227 N6193 Sussex Rd., Sussex, WI. 

Hope to see you!!

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