Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas, dear Friends and a most Blessed New Year!  Thank you to each of you for staying in touch and thinking rescue these past three years.  Please take a moment to reflect on your life and say a little prayer of thanks for all the good you have - a family, your health, a job, your family's health, all of the goodness in your life. And then, could you add a little prayer for a friend who's mom is back to fighting cancer, a friend who's fighting cancer and her mother who is just fighting for her life, a friend who's son is having a rough go of things and a grandmother who is struggling with some personal losses and all of the other people in the world who need a little extra help right now.

I know, pretty serious stuff for a blog about some shelter dogs but, it's on my heart and on my mind.

So... about those shelter dogs from down south. 

Our little friend Lucky-Coal found his furever home this week.  He has a couple of teenage girls and a mom and a dad.  He's also got a couple of babies to help raise from time to time.  I've heard from his mom and his "girls" have passed along pictures - everybody is pretty happy!   Yes, somebody got a little Coal for Christmas!

Here ya go Lucky - Here's your Noogie from all of us at The Lodge!  Merry Christmas! 

I also have some good news from the medical front.  Fuzz-Trooper has turned a corner.  With a week and two days under his collar, he's getting closer to the guy who arrived a few weeks ago.  He even tried to play a little bit this morning.  Ah, no, not yet, buddy.

He was really hurting, in more ways than one.  He was missing his home in Mississippi and he was in so much physical pain.  Last night when I got home from Madison (Thanks again, Kris), he brought me a toy! We played an easy game of tug with it and then he went to the bone basket and gnawed on a bone for a while.  This morning he is wagging and smiling and just generally a more happy guy.  As I write this, he's curled up on the couch with his head on Scott's lap and the two of them are pretending to watch TV.  I think there is more sleeping than watching.

Fuzz-Trooper has gained a bit of weight.  He's not nearly as bony as he was when he first arrived.  On the day I took him for his first Heartworm shot, he weighed 57.9#.  He should probably weigh closer to 80#.  I've been told by doodle owners that they arent' big eaters but then, he's half Labrador.  Hello?  He should be eating all the food, the bowl, the rug...

For now I've been giving him dry kibble with some chicken stock poured on top with some canned food mixed in.  Yeah, I know, I'm spoiling him but if I dont he wont be strong enough to get well and then he can't come to your house, furever family. 

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Wilma-Karmajane continues to amaze and amuse everyone she meets. She is forgetting to be afraid more and more often.  Last week I took her along to work and then out on the shuttle to deliver dogs home.  She broke out of a kennel and came over to meet a client.  It was progress on one front.  I wasn't super thrilled that she broke out of the kennel (and consequently broke the kennel) and ah, neither was my boss. It was thrilled that she walked up to the client and sniff his hand.

Te'a and Wilma-Karmajane have started playing together and around here that can only mean one thing.  There might be an app heading our way. Sure hope so!  She's a great dog and I'm getting more than a little attached! 

I recieved a wonderful gift for Wilma-Karmajane and Fluffy Dog rescue from a client at my office. The client, Tina,  has a pair of Great Danes and donated some jackets to Wilma-Karmajane to keep her warm on these chilly Wisconsin days.  Tina, it's a little crazy around here but as soon as the Holidays are a little more wrapped up, I'll post some pictures! 

Thank you again for the jackets!  Wilma-Karmajane is enjoying being warm and stylish!!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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