Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun at The Doggy Bag in Downtown Oconomowoc!

A very special Thank You to Eric and Duncan at the Doggy Bag  in Downtown Oconomowoc ( last night.  They opened their doors for dogs to come to kick off the Holiday Season and to sample some special Doggy Home Brew.  Eric donated the money received for the Brew sales to a local rescue.  Thank you to the friends of The Lodge who came down to meet us.  Thank you to the fosters and their pups who came out and a special thank you to the family who came out just to meet our little Lucky-Coal.  Will there be a little "Coal" in their stockings this Christmas??  We sure hope so! 

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy!  And, as always, double click to enjoy larger!

Te'a's a little nervous about the sudden activity level at The Lodge. She heard the word work.

I'm nervous too, Mom.  What is an "event"? What if nobody likes me?

All spiffed up for the party at the Doggy Bag!

Wilma-Karmajane has her's too!

I'm a little nervous about being here. Terror level is on high alert at RED.

Polo is a Fluffy Dog who needs a home too! Here is his story!

Hi - I'm Duncan.  I'm your host for the evening.  I'm also a Fluffy Dog.  I was adopted by Eric and Lori four years ago. Come see me anytime at the Doggy Bag where I work.

Feeling a little more relaxed. 
Terror level reduced to YELLOW.
(Yes, this is orange.  I couldn't read the word yellow when it was yellow.)

Hmm, maybe a little Home Brew will help with the nerves.


Polo II

Ok, boys, break it up.  Let's not trash the Doggy Bag.  We might never get invited back.  This is Kiera with Lucky-Coal on the left and Theo, on the right, also a Fluffy Dog in need of his furever home.

Hey kid.  Why u sittin on da floor?

Eventually we gave up trying to separate Theo and Lucky-Coal.

They had a good time

Lucky Coal is about five and a half months old and Theo is almost eight months old.
 Read Theo's story - Here.

Crazy little boys

Whoa. I'm tired.  It's hot. Let's go home.

A little "hair of the dog" for the dogs for breakfast. 

Just so we're all clear cuz' at first I kinda flipped out when I saw Eric pouring a "beer" for Wilma-Karmajane... This is actually water and chicken stock in a bottle for the pups.  Whew.

Stop down at the Doggy Bag and pick up a bottle or three.  Half of the sales go directly to rescue!

Thanks again to everyone who came down last night to support us!  It was great to see everyone.  Nice to meet you too, mom and girls!

Happy Holiday Season.  Tho, I gotta be honest and tell you that I prefer Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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