Sunday, November 27, 2011


You've been really good about not seeing pix of our new baby so I forewent the Christmas decorations for you and edited most of the pix from my camera. 

These are from the past week or so!

Enjoy!  Double Click to Enjoy Larger!!

Lucky - Coally on the couch!

Got me a Glove!

Look how long his tail is!!

Oh, the fun never stops here at The Lodge!!

Fog and a Dog


More fog; same dog

Thin coated dog in a stylish fleece

Mmmm, chewy donut - ok, it's a rawhide

Lucky Coal likes Rawhide Donuts too

Sigh. My chewy is gone

Lucky Coally's feet have tan on them too. Wierd

It's not wierd. They're my feet.

And now for your amuzement ... Wilma-Karmajane and Lucky Coal wrestling

Fluffy Fostering Followers, I have a favor to ask of you.  I know many of you are here because you like to laugh at me and the crazy situations I get myself into with these beasts.  I'm ok with that.  We laugh a lot around here.  More of you are here because you want more info and pictures about dogs who are available for adoption.  It's you second group of friends I'm talking to here.  See, there's another dog coming up in a week or so.  His name is Fuzz and he's a Portuguese Water Dog Mix.  And I want him here at The Lodge.  But... see...

As much as i love fostering I'm pretty sure that two Labradors, a Wilma-Karmajane and a puppy PLUS a Porty mix would be a bit much here at The Lodge.  So... If you are here looking at Wilma-Karmajane or Lucky-Coal and you're thinking that either would be a good fit for your house, send in your app and your application fee.  Wilma-Karmajane is much improved over where she was upon arrival and is ready to go on to her furever home.  Tho, I will b sad when she leaves.  She is such a character and such a wonderful dog.  Lucky Coal is also a perfect dog.  He would be a perfect first time family dog.  Housetrained and ready to roll (Wilma is housetrained too).

Both dogs do well with cats.  Lucky Coal is much better with smaller children.  Wilma Karma, eh, not so much.  Older kids would be better for her.

That's all I have for now.  Thanks for reading!  Hope to meet you soon!

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