Friday, October 28, 2011

A Quick Stoli-Rose Update

Hello Fluffy Followers -

This is a quick note for Stoli-Rosie's family.  Everybody else can look away.  Or, I suppose if you want to learn something, keep reading.

When Stoli-Rose first came to us she was pretty skinny.(She still is and only weighs 38#)  Scott thought that she had worms in her little Fluffy Tummy but it turns out she can't keep regular dog food ... er... in.  So I tried the old hamburger and rice trick. 

You know, boil hamburger and make up a few cups of plain white rice.  Everything firmed up nice and even.  I also put in some canned sweet potatoes for extra carbs and calories!  Canned pumpkin is also good for her belly and will add carbs and calories. 

I think she's even put some weight on this week with the new diet.  The vet didn't say how many pounds Stoli-Rose should gain, but it's at least seven.

I will gather up a list of dog foods that she will be able to eat that you can wean her onto s l o w l y.  I would hate to have you experience the juicies all over your house as well.

So, just kind of giving you a heads up.  If you have an opportunity to pop over to the grocery store today, maybe pick up some plain ground beef, or chicken, or turkey, or tilapia and some white rice.  Feel free to get the generics.  She won't know the difference.

That is all!

Thanks for reading!

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