Monday, October 31, 2011

The Revolving Door Revolves Again

The revolving door at The Lodge is back in action!  One beautiful little Fluffy Dog name Stoli Rose leaves and another walks in.

Congratulations!  Rosie (Now Stoli Marie)!!  She is living with her mom and dad in her new home overlooking Lake Michigan.  They've already sent a huge bunch of photos and she's settling in well!  I can't wait to her how her tummy pans out once she starts eating dog food again!


So Miss Stoli-Rosie left The Lodge on Saturday morning, we had a little party here on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday afternoon, we welcomed the newest resident to The Lodge, Miss Barberry-HopeHosta or HopeHolly or ... ... ....

We haven't quite figured it out yet.

She is an owner turn in from Alabama.   She and her sister arrived a couple weeks ago from Tuscombia Animal Shelter. 

She is an Airedale which are normally kind of crazy and silly doggies.  She is not, yet.  I think she's still reeling from the transport and the whole process there in.

I took some pictures at the dog park this morning but if you're a long time reader, you know that those early pictures are never very good.  The dogs look spooky and weird.  You'll need to wait a bit for better pictures.

I can't think of much else to tell you.  She's not really housetrained but she will go potty outside for Scott and Connor.  She seems to like them best.  Weird.

She did ok at the dog park today.  Better than yesterday.  Not as good as tomorrow.

Karma Jane continues to improve and let Jane, the person, pet her at the dog park today.  Every day she takes little steps.  Soon enough she'll be healed and she can help BarberryHope!

Thanks for reading!  Thank you for thinking rescue!

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