Monday, October 24, 2011

October has been Busy

Hello Fluffy Dog Fans!

So sorry for so little activity on the blog.  October is Birthday Palooza month around here.  Between my husband's family and my family and our own family, we have about eight birthdays.  Which means a lot of parties and shopping and not a lot of time for blogging.

Rest assured. All is well here at The Lodge. 

Both dogs, Wilma-KarmaJane and Stoli-Rosie have had several applications.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another, have not quite worked out.  This is a rescue and we'd like the best possible fit for these dogs.  It is our opinion that we'd rather not have the dogs left outside, in any weather, good or bad, while you are gone.  Wilma-KarmaJane gets nervous and I'm told she likes to jump fences.  I would hate to have you come home from work and discover an empty backyard. Plus, she has a very thin coat and would benefit from staying in your house, while you are gone.

She does well in the house while we are gone.  Nothing gets destroyed and there are no accidents.  She does require a daily, bi-daily would be ideal, heart pounding run.  She is a super hi-energy dog and a walk around the neighborhood is just a warm up for her.  Twice a day would be better but I know I'm asking a alot. 

Wilma-KarmaJane is still very leary of strangers, especially men in baseball caps.  She has made great strides in the healing department but still has a ways to go.  She's been "tagging" the hands of the other human patrons at the dog park we go to every morning.  Mostly.  The women she does the best with.  The men, she sniffs them but is still rather intimidated.  She also does better if the person ignores her and she is allowed to walk up to them.  If somebody wants to pet her, it's a complete NO GO for her. 

She is fantastic with my ten and a half year old daughter.  She is better with my fourteen year old son.  It's taken the entire time she's been here for her to figure out that he's ok.  We had a birthday party here on Saturday.  My dad bribed her with treats - Is that cheating??  Maybe, but it worked.  She sniffed everybody.  She was very uncomfortable with my nieces (7 & 9) and nephew (9).  But.  But, they all approached her.  I was quite fearful that perhaps if I weren't there to run interfence she would bite.  She was very afraid.  No, I'm not saying that a family with kids cannot adopt her.  I think a kid would be great for her.  I am saying that I would not under any circumstances leave your apple cheeked red-headed son alone with her.  I would supervise them together for many months.  I know that kids like dogs and she's very likable.  But I wouldn't let my own kids near her if I watched her body posture and saw her getting nervous.  I still tell my fourteen year old son that he needs to back off now and again. 

Again, I think she would do fine with a family with kids but they need to understand that she needs time to get to know them.  She's not an instant family pet.  She's a rescue dog who was abused by her previous owner.  She's come a long way but still has a very long way to go.  If you're hoping for an instant family pet, this is probably not the right dog for you.  I'm not trying to scare you off but she needs time and space.

So, those two things are biggies - Lots of energy - needs to run daily!!  Needs time, time, time with kids.  Not an instant, "KarmaJane get's to sleep with me" kind of dog.

She is housetrained and she is the sweetest cuddliest dog.  She loves my husband and was sleeping on his lap during the Packers game yesterday.  He's been trying to wear more baseball style caps to get her over her fear.  It's all about the baby steps.

She does make doggy friends easily.  She loves to leap and bounce and chase like no other I've seen.

She and Stoli-Rosie are good pals.

Stoli Rosie.  Wow.  Here's another high energy dog.  I've been told most doodles are.  She is underweight and I think I've figured out why.  She's got a rather sensitive stomach.  She had been staying at the daycare until a foster home opened up.  There, she had diarrhea but I thought, well, maybe she just needs to be in a home.  No such luck.

I made her a breakfast of what I had.  Dogs with "the Juicies" should have simple meals.  Boiled hamburger and rice.  I didn't have any burger so I made some Tilapia that had been in the freezer for a while and some white rice.  Everything solidified.  I thought, well, maybe I can try some sensitive tummy dog food.  Yeah, no.  That didnt' work and it was back to soft serve.  I'm going to try feeding her a few more meals a day.  Maybe lunch would help put some pounds on.

She's is a super sweet little girl that loves everybody. People, dogs, kids, you name it, she's good. She does find the cats here at The Lodge quite entertaining and I'm certain that they've lost a few pounds as Stoli-Rose enjoys chasing them through the house.  I don't think she would hurt them but its more of the thrill of the chase.

She could use a bit more time in the house training department.  I am starting with the bell on the back of the door trick today.  It is on the back of our back door and I will ring the bell and say, "Ring Bell,go outside.  Go potty" whenever we are there.  She's half lab and half poodle.  This wont take long.  Hopefully before she goes home ... this weekend?  Maybe??

Ok, well, now that the business portion of the blog is complete.  I'll turn you over to the fun we've been having. 

Yesterday, we went to the dog park at Johnson's Creek.  It's just off of Hwy. 26 south.

Enjoy and double click to enjoy larger!!



this dog is never still

Come on Te'a, play with me!!!

Wilma-KarmaJane's favorite mode of transport?  Leaping!!


Ok, kind of getting tired

Wait.  What do you mean we have to go home??

Look at that tongue. 

One more time thru the woods.

Chase me. Chase me.

Stoli-Rosie is hunting too!

Leapin' Lizards - No - this is not photoshopped.  Yes, she is quite acrobatic.  I think she was running downhill and got some really good air.


Everybody Run!!

Bite your ear!

Can you see the double hearts on Karma's shoulder?  One is dark brown the other is coffee colored?

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for thinking rescue!


Judy said...

Rosie airborne is absolutely the funniest dog picture you have posted to date!

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

Loved the airborne photo too...great job
Kris & Crew