Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today you get pix!!

Ok, you've been good and WK's gotten less shy around the house. Ok, that's a lie - she's crazy in the house.  Oh, and the honeymoon is over.  She peed on my carpet this morning - errrr.

Here are some pix for all of you.  Today we went to the dog park and she was miles ahead of where she was Tuesday.  Duke's dad even commented on it! 

So without further adieu ...   Wilma Karma

After the dog park, yesterday.

Playing this morning

Are you ready for my closeup??

Flyin' by

You'll have to double click this one to enjoy properly.  She's so happy!!

Ooh what's over there?  A new friend!


Finally felt comfortable enough to get a drink.  Double click to see the leftovers draining out of her mouth - silly

Sharing with Mo

Yes, I'm on the couch.  Snap quick because I'm about to get

Cute ...  and now I'm going to get

Cuter and sillier and yet,

Sillier still

Thank you to our Alabama friends for sending us this gorgeous creature.  Every day we see more and more of her.  Yes, lots of good and a little stinker too.  She tried to eat my breakfast off the table - Yeah, she's that tall. 

Thanks for reading!   Thank you for thinking rescue!

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