Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Busy Week

It's been a busy week around The Lodge.  We've been getting to know Wilma Karma better and she is getting more comfortable with us.  She has become good friends with my husband, my daughter, Harley Teddy the Chinese Crested, Mocha and Te'a and the kitties.

She's not super wild about my son.  (Some days, neither am I, but so it goes)

She is a wonderfully affectionate dog.  She is also a bit of an acrobat.  She leaps over Mocha in a single bound and launches herself onto our bed without a second thought.  We've decided that as she enjoys running in her dreams that it would be best for all of us for her not to sleep on the bed. She wasn't so wild about it at first but she's ok for now. 

I've started to loosen the reins a bit on our long legged pony and let her run around the yard dragging the rope.  If she gets out to far, I call her back.  At first she gets the fight or flight look in her eyes but comes back to me and into my arms for hugs and kisses.  Her head is up 95% of the time and her tail is also up and usually wagging.  With her being as tall as she is, her head clears my kitchen table by about an inch and she has a clear view of breakfast and dinner. Yum.

We've been making regular daily visits to the dog park where she runs and leaps like a gazelle. 

Yesterday we met another Fluffy Dog Foster with her four dogs - One is a Fluffy Dog Failure - Catahoula Mix, Badger.  People were taken aback by these two crazy women with eight dogs between them. 

Harley-Teddy and Mocha disappeared for a while but as I could find neither dog, I knew they were together.  Harley's leg has healed quite nicely and out of habit he holds it up when he walks.  When he runs, chasing the other dogs, he uses all four legs and will walk on it, but I think he's thinking he needs more time.

He and Wilma Karma are starting to get along better.  There were some tense moments in the car those first few days but they've since worked it out with a positive outcome.

Oh, just another quick thing about Harley-Teddy.  What we thought was a standoffish little dog, turns out was just an uncomfortable little dog.  He must be feeling better about living here at The Lodge as he has become quite the cuddler.  What an amazing guy!

Ok, enough, blathering, I know you're dying to see photos. 

Just can't seem to run like I usually do today... Wonder what's slowing me down?

Harley-Teddy - Where are my girls??

Really - this needs no caption.


Sneak Attack!

Passing on your ... head

Harley Teddy is in desparate need of a trim.  Furever Family are you ready for him?

I lurve the dog park!

Hahaaaaaaa - Where's that naughty Theo nao??

Wrestling with Mocha

What sort of scented ball is this??

Oh, it's an apple! YUM

Stalking my prey

I'm pretty cute -  doncha think??

Leaping Lizards!  Wilma Karma has discovered apples!

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