Monday, July 11, 2011

Break Time's Over!!

After a couple weeks off of fostering and having only two dogs around the house, we are back in the game.  We spent our free time camping at both Pike Lake State Park and Kohler-Andrae State Park.  Though it seemed wierd to only have two dogs to keep track of, it was a nice break. 

We spent the day on Saturday at the beach on the shores of Lake Michigan at Kohler-Andrae.  The dogs (and children) were in and out of the water all afternoon.  Mocha and Te'a had a great time chasing all of the alewives in the water as well as snacking on the ones on the shore.  Yum!

The radar showed several nice storms heading our way yesterday afternoon so we packed up and headed home a day early.  When those rumbles of thunder rolled through at 500am today, I was never so thankful for technology and to be safe, warm and dry in my own bed.

But by now you're all wondering who our next foster is here at The Lodge.  The kids have been chomping on the bit to get home, get to pick him up and installed in our home.   If you said that we have Will the Great Pyr mix, you'd be right.

I don't have any photos yet.  I'm sure those will come soon enough.  Right now, I can tell you that he's a pretty good boy.  I'm pretty sure he's mostly housetrained and he knows the word sit.  He also walks fairly decent on the leash.

I'll report more as I have it.  Thanks for reading!

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