Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hartland Parade

We are taking a short break to do some much needed housecleaning here at The Lodge.  I cleaned the carpets, all two of them, this morning and was completely repulsed by the dirty water - blech.  Make a note to do that more often. 

For those of you who missed the parade, here is my take on it... Enjoy!!

Thanks to Judy and Dana for coming out and helping to be honorary Fluffy Dog Volunteers.  They helped walk doggies and decorate cars!

On our way to the Hartbrook Mall Parking Lot to line up and decorate!

Yours truly - decorating the Fluffy Dog Float

Pre-parade instruction

Standin' around just waiting to go

Is it time to go now??

Our friends from LA Grooming

Here are all the Fluffy Dog Volunteers, Tail Waggin Doggy Daycare Friends and LA Grooming Friends!  We're a pretty big family but there's always room for more!

Take two!

Jacque needs a home!

Bretta needs a home too!

Who Will be the next boarder at The Lodge??

I wonder who Will be the next Fluffy Dog at The Lodge...

Still waitin for the parade to start

Kiera and I got to carry the banner!

The "official" Fluffy Dog Rescue Float

It was a very long parade
It was a long, hot parade - some of the puppies needed kid time at the end.  Or, did the kids need puppy time?  Either way, both got what they needed!

I really wonder who Will be the next foster here.... Hmmmm

Thanks for thinking rescue!

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Judy said...

We had a blast! And I really fell for Bretta and Raisin! Cute, cute little girls and they did so well with all the comotion considering how young they are!