Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sid - Foster #18

By now you've read thru Carter's information, and Kringle Carlos' and you're dying to see all that we know about our little boy Sid.  The only thing we know is that he's from Alabama.  (He kind of barks with a drawl but you gotta listen, r e a l l y  h a r d.)

He's getting the hang of housetraining but still after a vigorous play session with Carter, forgets and pees where he stands.  It happens.  He's very sweet but very loud.  Like most puppies, he's got to experience everything with his teeth, so that, combined with the crazy barking, which we'll get ironed out soon, makes me call him "Mouth".  Don't misunderstand me.  The barking, I think, is just his way of getting everybody's attention.    I've been trying to cut him off when he starts by shoving something in there.  We've got destroyed sock monkey babies and rope toys all over the house.   Those work well for that.

He seems to enjoy being in the car and was very sad when I dropped all the kids off today.  I'll take him along later when I go to pick them all back up again.

That's all I know.  He's an average wild little puppy.  If you are looking for a buddy to take running or on an adventure, Sid's your guy.

What is this place?

Hmm, kids.

So Cute.

Nice puppy

Speaking of Camera Hams

I guess he shoulda sat on the green chair, beige isn't his color.

I'm tired from jumping through the snow.  Go 'way.

Ooh, where ya going with that camera?


soooo cute

Me and my buddy Carter.

The last squeaky ball.

So there it is friends.  Three perfect choices for three families.  Depending on what you're looking for, I have the dog for you.  And, not to sound ungrateful or imply that I'm not enjoying helping these guys, but five dogs is a lot in a house.  Especially since boy wonder is not housetrained and needs to learn about inside voices.  Honestly, I'm surprised neither Carter nor Kringle Carlos has been snapped up yet.  They are amazing dogs.  Well, they're all amazing!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how adorable this
guy is...i am doing an adoption
app right this minute.


Grade Lodge said...

Thank you for thinking rescue, Rita! I hope you are up to "fireball's" challenges ;)He's a wild little puppy!

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

You are nuts!

Grade Lodge said...

At least they aren't ALL permanent... wink wink

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got sid yet? My golden would just love him

Grade Lodge said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "got Sid". He is available for adoption.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone adoptted sid yet? He is to cute!!!