Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogging on a Midwinters Day

So... we've got six more weeks of Wisconsin winter left and a Class Three Kill Storm is on it's way - I'm not sure what a Class Three Kill Storm is either but I saw it on James' wall on Facebook.  One can only assume that it's slightly less scary than a Class Four Kill Storm and a little more intense than a Class Three Maim Storm.

I've stocked up on good healthy stuff for the kids to eat while they are home on Snow Day tomorrow.  You know, microwave popcorn, chocolate frosted toaster pastries and hot chocolate.  No, I don't do marshmallows, too messy when they try to mix them in and it slops over the side of the mug.

Not long from now, just before the mayhem starts, I have to pick up a couple of thirteen year old boys, take one home and drive to pick up a passel of puppies from HAWS.  There are five from Jenni's litter.  A pair of longhaired fluffy things (one black, one white), a pair of long-legged, short-haired black and white things (a boy and a girl) and one lonely brown thing, the only labbie in the bunch (and he has short legs).  All but two need homes - if you want to look them up they are Klondike, Kiwi, and Kritter, who need homes.  Kahlua and Kiki have applications! 

I will also be picking up my er... third foster dog, thankfully he isn't very big either.  He's little Sid.  Who, for an hour, here at The Lodge, was Kevin.  This resulted in a great dramatic war between my children as to the name Kevin and has since been returned to Sid.  He is an above average puppy in activity level.  He's wild and crazy and has been "wrasslin" non-stop with Carter since he arrived yesterday afternoon.

He's soft as a cloud and is the most beautiful Golden Butterscotch pudding color.  After he tears around like a maniac, he's content to lay on a beddie or blankie and crash out.  He's also a supreme cuddler and can be lulled into dreamland by running your finger down that channel from the top of his head to the tip of his nosey.  This also works on big doggies too if you don't mind them in your lap.  Or if you are like me and sit on the floor with them.

We also have the also very cuddly Carter.  He is black lab and presumably Golden Retriever.  He too is super sweet BUT as an added bonus, he is housetrained and minds his manners well.    He comes when you call him when outside.  For such a young doggie, he's pretty laid back and mellow.  Carter likes to lay on you just before you fall asleep at night and lately, for some reason, he's been staying on the bed a little longer than usual but still jumping off before he gets too hot.  He usually keeps the night watch at the top of the stairs - keeping an eye open for any marauding kitty that may stroll through.  All he does is sniff them and do a little...er... cat-scan and sends them on their way.  He needs a permanent home of his own or I will wind up keeping him.

My third little foster is Kringle-Carlos.  He is a Yorkie mix but is larger for a Yorkie - about 13# worth to be exact.  He is very sweet and is gogogo from about 530am til about 6pm.  After that, he's a lap doggie.  He'll either lay on your lap or next to you with his head on your lap.  He too is housetrained and very very well behaved.  The good news about Carlos is that he has an application and a family who wants to adopt him!  Hooray!

We have a couple more dogs that need foster moms and dads.  Might you be interested in a temporary dog?  Fluffy Dog Rescue will give you food and take care of the vetting things.  All we ask is that you love it and train it (a little) like you would your own dog.  Who knows?  You might just wind up making him your own dog.  We call that "foster failure" and it's a good thing.  If you're interested in fostering, and you are in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, please send me an email at iwannahelpdoggies@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!  Have fun with your doggies out in the snow!

***This just in!!  Kringle Carlos IS AVAILABLE.  If you had previously put in your application and were told that he was pending adoption, he is back on the free agent list.  If you are interesting in adoption, please send me an email***

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