Friday, January 7, 2011

Will... Has an Application.

By now, if you're familiar with the way the Fluffy Dog Petfinder page works, you know that if a dog has an asterisk, *, a little flying star, behind his/her name, it means that he/she has an application and the family is going through the process.

Well, its been there all week and I've been trying to ignore it cuz' friends, I gotta tell ya, I don't want to let this dog go yet.  Furever Family, you are getting such a wonderful dog.  If I didn't already have two big labs, I would keep him for my own.  He's such a sweet boy, cuddly, and lovable.  So tolerant of that little tasmanian devil that chews on his face and growls in his ears,

I suppose because I do like him so much and I don't want him to leave, is why I put sooo many more pictures of Missy, the Tasmanian Devil Dog, on the blog, instead of Will.  (You "will" keep his name, wont' you?)

So, in honor of my boy, Will, who has had an application all week, that I have ingnored, here are some pix of mostly, just you.


Thanks for reading.

Now, I'm not sure when Will is leaving.  I'll know more when I get a phone call from his Furever Family.  What I do know, that since Will is leaving, I will have a large labrador shaped hole here at The Lodge.  Never fear, that hole won't empty for too long.  In fact, it may be double booked.

Doh!  I may have said too much!

Till then!

Thank you for thinking rescue!!

PS - There are more pix of Will and Missy doing the carpool thing from yesterday on the next blog!


Judy said...

double booked? Does that mean you might need a suite?

Grade Lodge said...

Gonna need a rubber room!

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

He is a beauty....I was wondering why so many more pics of that Tazmissy girl! Come on Shell you could keep three labs and still foster...your husband loves you and we all know that he is just as crazy as you are!

Judy said...

I've got the call in for you, don't be surprised when they come with the truck...

(the secret word is "batis" is that latin for "you're bats"?)