Friday, January 7, 2011

Carpool Lane

Part of daily life here at The Lodge is the drop-off and pick-up of kids to and from school.  I'm not quite alert enough in the morning to work a camera and get snappy pics of the doggies but yesterday afternoon, I had the camera along. 

Would you look at that line already?  Sheesh, the kids don't get out for 10 minutes.

I wonder what that guy ahead of me is doing??

If I could just park over there...

I don't see the kids yet.

Oh.  I was looking the wrong way.

Ok, kids come out of that big door there.

Heeey, that kid looks familiar!

Hey! That kid looks really familiar!!

Hey - It's snowing out the back window!

Seriously looking for the boy now.

Ah!  Mission accomplished!

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