Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Quick Update

So this is going to be a quick, quick Axel update.  Since I was off for a month, unemployed and the dogs had me home all day, I had lots of time for Mama time for our boy.  I've taken a new job that doesn't leave a lot of time for Axel's Mama time. 

And he's quick to point that out.  He's been sitting here at my side, flipping my elbow with his nose because he's looking for his time.

So...In order to please everyone...

Axel got his Heartworm treatment shot, three weeks ago Tuesday.  He's supposed to be kept calm and mellow.  Well.... we're doing a pretty good job of it but it's getting tougher every day.  He's a pretty active dog and he's very busy and very smart.  He needs the stimulation of going on walks and smelling the smells because I've got to tell you, friends, he's starting to get a little stir crazy and he's licking at his ankles again. 

So if you are thinking that you need a medium sized doggie with a medium energy level, you know, one or two good walks a day, this is the guy for you.  He definitely needs at least one good walk a day. 

We've actually been going on little walks in the morning. We go down to the end of our street and up and over and then back again.  Don't want to get his little pupper heart pounding. 

He's doing great in the house and with the cooler weather, he's quite the snuggle bug.  He's housetrained and we're working on sit.  The command that we were taught at Elmbrook Humane Society for sit is:  Make a fist and hold it down at your side.  Bring it up your side and say sit as you move.  He's really starting to get that.

He's got a little jump problem but we're working on that too.  That's all I have for an update for you today.  Maybe another week or two and we'll go back for another heartworm test and hope for the all clear signal to go back to the dog park and back to our two mile morning walks. 

'Til then, thank you for thinking rescue and thank you for reading!

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