Monday, October 4, 2010


Now there's a shadow combination you don't see everyday...

Hmm... I don't think I want my picture taken today.

Side View

I'm NOT gonna stand on the stump!

Please don' make me go back on da stump.

Sniff sniff.. I think Alan and Amy are cookin' steak and potatoes...

Deer in the Headlights got nuthin on me.

But I want to go play.

Happy Dog.

Lookin for a good spot to ....

Did you hear that??  It sounded like it came from over there!

Oh, there it is again!

Yup - Amy's got steak on the grill!!

This is my sad, hungry dog look.  Can I have steak now??

More sad.  More hungry.

Goodbye Steak.

Hello little berries I find on the driveway.

Someone please adopt me before she starts to dress me like one of the kids...please.


Judy said...

POOR baby, he really does look depressed. I can't wait for his heartworm quarantine to be over either! :-(

Give him a big hub for me and tell him that once he's in the all clear, Mia would LOVE to meet him at the dog park!

Judy said...

um, that should be 'hug' not hub! argh!